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Happy Fall Ya'll!

Hellooooo Fall! 

So today is the first day of Fall... and here in the So-Cal, we are starting to get a very small glimpse of's been a little more cloudy, a little less warm, and the leaves are starting to change (as much as they possibly can in So-Cal wink wink). 

Which means.... time to switch out your camera strap peeps! We have some fabulous new Fall looks that you won't want to miss!  Love this Capturing Couture WildFlower Camera Strap and Cream Len Cap Saver pic! Sometimes the simple shots are the best! 

Grab your camera and don't forget to share your best pics on your Instagram accounts and #CapturingCouture so we can share your styles!  

Wishing you all a great Fall Season!  


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NEGU is Spreading the JOY!

It's Ugly. It kills. Its Cancer. And it's on the rise among children. Heartbreaking to think about, and even MORE scary to think about WHY the statistics are increasing! In fact, 175,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year. That's staggering!  
So yesterday we spent the day with the Jessie Rees Foundation, to see what we could do to help courageous kids fighting cancer. And what an incredible experience it was!  

Meet Jessie! This amazing young girl made a HUGE impact on others during her own cancer fight. Jessie Joy Rees, the inspiration behind NEGU, was diagnosed with Brain Cancer in 2011, and during her 10 month battle with cancer, she came up with the idea to help others smile with some toys in a jar... thus JOY JARS were created! 
All across the United States, children who are fighting cancer, are now receiving Joy Jars full of toys that bring JOY!! Jessie's legacy of NEVER EVER GIVE UP, is spreading around the world.  Pretty incredible, right? 

When we arrived at the NEGU headquarters, we were instantly awestruck with the way the Jessie Reese Foundation is making an impact! With bins full of toys for all ages, we went to work to help fill more bins with NEGU Bracelets. 
From adorable knitted beenies to snuggly handmade blankies, NEGU is bring smiles to children battling cancer. 
Today is #StandUpToCancerDay...and it's so amazing to know that NEGU is making a difference with courageous children fighting cancer! If you want to make a difference in the lives of children with cancer, please #StandUpToCancer and donate to NEGU

Capturing Couture was so inspired to help spread more Joy, that we are working on our own collection to give to NEGU of Stance Socks for teenage boys fighting cancer!  If you'd like to donate Stance Socks, please drop them off at Capturing Couture at:

Capturing Couture LLC
22521 Avenida Empresa, Ste 106
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
Ring!: 949-858-8598
Fax: 949-666-5384


If you'd like to donate to NEGU, please click here


Dogs Do Understand!

The doggy brain is fascinating! Did you know that our little fur friends can actually process speech in the same way as humans do? Yep! These four-legged friends of our, can actually understand words and tones in the same way as humans brains. 

A team of Hungarian researchers revealed some pretty amazing results published in They studied the brains of 13 dogs and found that these animals have a distinct way of processing human language. 

“The results were very exciting and very surprising,” said lead researcher Attila Andics from Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest.

Dogs actually understand what we say AND how we say it! In fact, dogs understand most of what your saying... spoken and unspoken. Research found that dogs actually process words with the left part of their brain and intonation with the right part of their brain. Researchers also found that they expierence a sense of achievement with humans praise with words AND intonations. So they DO understand the human language! 

Thanks to for sharing this great article about this! 

Oh! And check out Hayes_silverlab in the adorbs photo! Just feel the love between these two!