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Savannah Lynne's Rave Review

Okay Fans! If you haven't heard, we have cornered the market on a new style of Guitar Straps... drum roll please..... The Scarf Guitar Strap! So we thought what better way to find out how people are liking our new trendy Scarf Guitar Straps, than to ask our sponsored musicians who have been using them! 

Our sponsor Savannah Lynne, is rocking the music world with her charm and style. This young singer/songerwriter has been making her mark all over with her southern charm, all while playing her guitar using our Bluebell Scarf Guitar Strap.

And here's what she said...

"I have been a huge fan of Capturing Couture straps since I first started playing the guitar.  Even though other companies have approached me in the past asking me to wear their straps, I am incredibly loyal to Capturing Couture. Their straps are always the cutest on the market and the customer service is always top notch, but most importantly I can wear their straps for hours and not once are they uncomfortable.  These ladies are always ahead of the trend and come out with the most unique, one of a kind designs.  I receive so many compliments when I wear their new line of Scarf Straps and it makes for a great conversation starter with my fans.  I can't wait to see what they come out with next." Savannah Lynne