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Dani Poppitt's Scarf Guitar Strap Review

We are so happy to have our amazing sponsored artists to work with. Each of them are unique and talented in their own ways. Dani Poppitt has been one of our sponsors for a couple years and we have loved watching her grow into her own amazing artist that she is. Thanks, Dani... for the awesome review of your new Scarf Guitar Strap! 


"This strap is the most comfortable strap I have ever put on my body. Capturing Couture has figured out a way to distribute the weight of the guitar evenly on the shoulders and back with their scarf straps. Because of this strap I can stand and perform for hours and not even think about the physical aspect of carrying the instrument on my body. I am free to go to my creative place. I could never go back to a normal strap. Plus these baby's come in so many different styles and patterns. All of my favorite things have to be cute and comfy. This makes the cut!" 

Dani Poppitt


Sending you love from Capturing Couture! Check out Dani's latest music on YouTube