Ashley Wineland

Whether she is singing and performing, raising money to help veterans, or donating her time to animal welfare organizations, 16-year-old Ashley Wineland is leaving an impression on everybody with whom she crosses paths. The teenager from Glendale, Arizona became fascinated by storytelling through music after her father gifted her studio recording time for her 13th birthday and is now turning her music into a career.

Ashley first made a splash in the Southwestern music scene with the release of her patriotic song, “Red, White, & Blue”, which honored the men and women serving in the United States Armed Forces. Not only did the video for the song rack up nearly 50,000 hits on her YouTube channel, Ashley also decided to donate all of the song's proceeds to various charities supporting veterans.

In September 2013, Ashley had the honor of being named the very first “Alvarez Breakthrough Artist”. The designation from the St. Louis-based guitar company allows for cross promotion opportunities and trade show appearances by Ashley on Alvarez's behalf. It is an exciting position for Ashley to be in considering Alvarez's signature artists include some of the biggest names in music! 

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