Olivia Rox


Olivia Rox has grown up in a very musical household. Her Dad is acclaimed Jazz great saxophonist Warren Hill, and her Mom, producer/writer/director Tamara Van Cleef, used to sing alternative rock, and produced records together with her Dad for ten years. The two actually met in the recording studio after Warren was hired to play saxophone for Tamara’s own CD. It was love at first sight, and their best production is definitely Olivia. Well, truth be told, Olivia’s knack for music may have actually begun when the dynamic duo were producing a record, and Olivia was right there with them, in her Mother’s womb! Olivia was of course listening all the while and formulating her first encounters with intricate melodies.

When it comes to being naturally gifted, some say that it’s all in the genes. In the case of 14-year old Olivia Rox it may very well be true. According to her parents, Olivia was naturally drawn to music and acting without any encouragement from them. It all began one day at the age of 2, while backstage at her Dad’s concert at the Chicago Theater, when Olivia begged to join her Dad on stage to sing a song. She had been watching Snow White, and listening to Someday My Prince Will Come from the movie, and got up there in front of thousands of people like it was a normal day, and sang it to perfection. After receiving her first standing ovation, she was hooked!

Twelve years later, and numerous concerts on her own and guest appearances with her Dad in front of thousands, Olivia has truly come into her own as a dynamic vocalist, songwriter and performer. She got the chance to prove her true grit and passion for performing, when at age 9 she landed the starring role of “Annie” at Boulder’s Dinner Theater (where Oscar nominee Amy Adams started out). Olivia delivered 75 knock-out performances and the prestige of an Ovation Award Nomination by the critics for her acting and singing.

The role of Annie showcased many of Olivia’s talents: her charm and charisma, acting and dancing; and most notably, her incredible vocal abilities. There is, however, another talent of Olivia’s that could possibly be her strongest: and that is her prolific gift for songwriting.

At the age of 3, Olivia’s voice instructor recognized that she had perfect relative pitch. At 4, she wrote her first song at the piano. Now at 14, Olivia has composed over 300 songs! They demonstrate not only melodic and harmonic structure far beyond her age, but maturity in the lyrics as well. Although she is totally still a kid at heart, Olivia is often referred to as an “old soul”, with a strong compassion for those that are less fortunate. Her song “Love in her Hearts” was inspired at age 8, after an encounter with a homeless person that she wanted to bring home. Shortly after, she was chosen as one of the “Best of the Best Young Artists in Colorado” and performed the song at a benefit for “Cherish Our Children International”. Not only did Olivia’s personal campaign raise the most money for the charity, but her song was selected as COCI’s new theme song! At age 8, Olivia got blessed musically by the queen of soul herself Aretha Franklin, and after singing one of Aretha’s songs to her, she was blown away, and said that Olivia had the gift of music and perfect pitch and had very bright future ahead of her and to keep singing and nurturing that voice girl! Last summer, Olivia got the chance to work with Peisha McPhee (Internationally renowned singer and AMERICAN IDOL Vocal coach, as well as Katharine McPhee’s Mother.) Peisha said that Olivia is ready and has a huge career ahead of her.

Olivia’s unstoppable creative flow and magnetic personality inspire everyone she meets. Completely uninhibited, she’s constantly singing and she loves to sing her songs to anyone who will listen, whether it’s on stage, an airplane, or in the middle of a supermarket! It is this charm that led her to her biggest accomplishment to date: Olivia Rox! The Movie. This full-length feature film stars Olivia in the title role: a modern day Nancy Drew with a knack for solving mysteries and penning some great songs along the way. The soundtrack for the film features 5 of Olivia’s original compositions written at age 8-9 years old. The films hugely successful “pink carpet” premiere at the historic Boulder Theater was a sold-out event featuring not only the film, but also a surprise concert by then 10 year old Olivia! Her flawless show garnered her the label of a “quadruple threat” by Mark Collins (Boulder Camera’s Entertainment Critic) for her acting, singing, dancing and songwriting!

Shortly thereafter, Olivia and her family relocated to Los Angeles where one of her first opportunities was a chance to demonstrate her voice to one of the most successful Pop music producers in the world: Matthew Gerrard (Hannah Montana, Kelly Clarkson, High School Musical, Jesse McCartney). Gerrard was so impressed with Olivia that he quickly produced her on a song as a personal endorsement, as well as co-writing (she was one of his youngest co-writing partners) and recording a brand new song together, entitled "I Am Me".

When she is not touring with her music, where she delivers an electric, engaging live show that is marked with the creativity of a true prodigy, and a veteran’s instinct for entertaining. Audiences delight with her unique songwriting style and fresh new sound, or making straight A’s into the Dean’s List Honor Roll, you'll find her auditioning in Los Angeles for many upcoming roles for Disney and Nickelodeon. Recently she made it to the final testing for Disney's new pilot "Bits and Pieces". She also landed a lead role in the Sci-Fi film "Tears" and a commercial for AT&T, then Olivia shot her first music video of her own song “Do You Know”. She is currently filming her latest project entitled “The Olivia Rox Show” which is a variety show starring Olivia. Through all of this, Olivia’s most cherished passion is to give back and to help others. She loves to lend her support and talent to Unicef, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, The Humane Society, Cherish Our Children International, tutoring kids, as well as various Nursing Homes where she loves to sing to the elderly just to cheer them up.

So whether it’s fate, or in the genes: with so many accomplishments at just the young age of 14, Olivia Rox (actor, singer, songwriter, pianist, guitarist and ukulele and all around good soul) has proven that she is on the right path to an incredibly bright future!