Dog Collar Bow Ties

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Add a little charm to your dogs collar with this dapper collar bow tie!

This bow tie attaches to your dogs collar with an adjustable strip of velcro on the back of each flower. This velcro allows the flower to be easily taken on and off and can fit a variety of collar sizes. Plus, the velcro is incredibly strong and durable, making it perfect for even the most active dogs.

The velcro strip will attach to collars of a variety of widths. If too long, simply wrap the velcro tighter or trim some of the excess velcro off.

The diameter of this bow tie is approximately 3.5  inches. This flower would work great for any size dog!

Spot clean with micro-fiber cloth.


** A Note on the Navajo Collection:

Here at Capturing Couture we value all human kind and savor the beauty of diversity between us all. Two of our employees are members of the Navajo Nation and helped us name this style.  We honor them and their heritage.