Face masks

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Here is what our Facemasks are about :)

~ Adjustable Elastic - to ensure a proper fit for people of all sizes
~ Soft Jersey Knit (t-shirt) material on the inside to be super comfortable on faces
~ Fun Patterns & Modern Basics prints - lots to choose from
~ Contrasting inside pattern so it is very easy to tell which way to wear it
~ Elastic ear loops make it easy to put on
~ Pre-washed Cotton
~ Proudly made in Orange County, California, USA

We have been sewing high quality fabric products in Southern California since 2009

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Our sewers have already made many of these to donate to local hospitals and friends who work in essential industries, and now we can offer them to you as well.

We have PREWASHED all the outside fabrics for shrinkage

From our experience, here is what we know:

~ 2 layers of a cotton/cotton blend fabric is the best balance between coverage and ease of breathing

~ Each layer should be a different pattern so it is easy to see which side goes on your face and which side faces outward - that way you eliminate accidental contamination. All of our masks have a contrasting fabric on the inside, very easy to see which way to wear.

~ We have chosen to put a 100% cotton on the outside, and a cotton jersey knit (think t shirt) on the inside - this make it very comfortable on your face

~ Thin elastic loops around the ears makes it easier when taking on and off.  Many masks offer ties, which can be more comfortable when wearing for many hours, but elastic is more convenient. There are also t-shirt material loops but we found these will stretch out fairly quickly making the mask unusable

~ We have chosen a rectangle with pleats, this makes it a universal fit and the elastic length can be adjusted to fit

~~~ WE MAKE NO CLAIMS of protection from these masks nor take any responsibility for those who choose to wear them.  Cotton will not protect you from viruses ~~~

~~~ Because of the nature of the product we cannot offer returns or exchanges on FaceMasks ~~~