Quick Release / Strap Extenders (set of 2)

Regular price $9.00

Need to make a quick wardrobe change?  These extenders allow you to change out your look in an instant!

Made of durable nylon webbing and clips - these extenders stay attached to your camera body and you can change out the decorative strap portion easily. 

Designed for convenience, these buckles are meant to support a DSLR camera with a standard lens when properly installed.

We even provide you with an additional set of clip ends to attach to your second strap.

Change up your camera strap with a snap!

Two quick-release buckles make switching from one camera body to another fast and easy while double ladder-locks ensure a secure connection between the strap and the camera for maximum stabilization. - See more at: http://www.avidmaxoutfitters.com/p-2431-lowepro-speedster-camera-strap.aspx?catargetid=1391382591&cagpspn=pla&gclid=CIq5_f6K37cCFfLm7AodA3gA8A#sthash.4gMUfTTu.dpuf