Scarf Chic, our newest style addition!

There's no doubt about it...scarves are one of THE hottest trends. 

 Winter Scarf Fashion Trend 2013 Winter Scarf Fashion Trend 2013

No matter if it's hot or cold, scarves are an amazing way to freshen up an outfit and make the look more elegant and put-together.  An essential part of every winter wardrobe, scarves have always been popular in fashion and today, they are even more popular as a fashion accessory than a practical item.  There's a more effortless and off-handed way of accessorizing with scarves…it’s a simple and adorable way to add interest to your face, and it’s a modern take on the statement necklace trend.

The possibilities are endless with scarves, but the easiest way to add a spark to your wardrobe is with a voluminous or square scarf that you can wrap loosely around your neck.

Scarf Camera Straps


What better way to jump on this trend than our up-and-coming Scarf Camera Straps!

Once again, in true Capturing Couture form, we combine fashion and function in our soon to be released collection of Scarf Camera Straps that'll make you want to carry your camera wherever you go.


Stay tuned...Our Instagram followers will be the first to know when our new Scarf Camera Strap Collection hits the online store!

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