Our Story!

Inspired to bring stylish camera straps to the camera industry, Capturing Couture hit the ground running in 2009 with our high-quality camera straps and accessories.We have truly taken great pride in developing our brand in a variety of industries... from photography to music to pets and more, co-owner and creative mastermind Erika Koorndyk, continues to rock these industries with her unique fashion sense and creative style. 

Capturing Couture's mission has always been is to deliver well-crafted and style-driven accessories that are playfully innovative. With each product line we design, we offer the perfect marriage between fashion & function, using only the finest materials, custom made trims and highly functional hardware. Our camera product line embodies the highest standards of quality. Our detailed designs are infused wit luxe materials, bold and playful color, and premium hardware that beg to be noticed. 

Through the years, Capturing Couture has taken our love of fashion and style from the photography industry to the music industry and now most recently to the pet industry with our new line of Sofie Rover products! Our motto? “There’s No Excuse for Boring!”

With every product we design, our goal is to develop well-crafted products for joyful living. From *girly glam* to ‘boho chic’ to simply sophisticated, we take pride in our collections being diverse with broad appeal, yet uniquely eye-catching. Our clear vision for innovation allows us to keep a pulse on macro trends, while offering high-quality, handmade stylish product that bring a joyful experience to each and every customer.  We want to make every customer giddy with excitement when you receive your product from us!

Capturing Couture is based in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA and has proudly expanded from a small local-grown company making camera straps to selling across the United States and into 7 other countries, online and in several major retailers. Capturing Couture is simply passionate about living our lives with integrity and joy! Our team is dedicated and committed to our customers, our families and the community. We love supporting our local musicians with our sponsorship program, and have a passion for supporting local companies such as the Jesse Reese Foundation. In all we do, we want to spread Joy! 

Thank you for caring to read about Our Story!