Photography Tips of the Week: Capturing Frozen Motion

Capturing Couture Tips of the Week: 

At Capturing Couture, we love to showcase some of our photography customer's tips and talents. Among one of our loyal customers, Stephanie Adriana, at does a fabulous job detailing how to capture motion and make it look frozen. 


Here are a few of Stephanie's go-to Tips to capture motion and make it look frozen: 

1. Large aperture = fast shutter speed. 

2. Start off with a relatively low ISO 100-400 depending on lighting condition (Bright sun = ISO 100; Shade, Early Morning, Late Afternoon, Fast Action = ISO 400+). 

3. Next, select a large aperture, f 2.8, f 4.0 or f 5.6 and then, while shooting, maintain a fast shutter by making sure to keep an eye on shutter speed and never lettering it get slower than 1/500th of a second. 



Try it.....Enter to WIN A CAMERA STRAP! Post your best frozen motion photography on our Capturing Couture Facebook page or post on Instagram with the tag @capturingcouture and #capturingcouture #bestphoto and enter to win a camera strap! The photo contest will run through March 20th, 2014. Stephanie Adriana, at will be judging the photo contest.

So don't forget to post your best Frozen in Motion photos ASAP to win your camera strap! 


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