What's In Bloom?

What's In Bloom?

Spring-Inspired yet? We absolutely are! Spring is right around the corner, and it's about time to add some color to our days!

When we think of spring, we think... planting new gardens, picking flowers, and of course... designing camera straps that inspire you to grab your camera as an accessory and not just a piece of equipment. 

Announcing our latest Scarf Camera Strap Collection...... The Bloom Collection! Have you seen the top colors for spring 2016? Our Bloom Collection has a splash of each of those colors. From Meadow Bloom's rose quartz pink to Mountain Bloom's splash of serenity blue to the echo of peach in our Dessert Bloom.... we have the perfect addition to your spring fashion! 

Each of these 3 Camera Straps inspired us in different ways....and we hope they inspire you!

The Mountain Bloom Camera Strap took us from winter into spring. Its cool colors, delicate flowers, and chic hint of Boho style... inspired us to bring this fabric into our spring collection. 

The Meadow Bloom Camera Strap...ahhhhh... it just says, "SPRING!" doesn't it??!


The Desert Bloom Camera Strap felt like we were ending spring and READY for the summer... You know that feeling when you can tell spring is ending and summer is right around the corner? The warmth in the air is a tad hotter...and your skin has that nice glow. 

 Inspired yet? We have SOOOO many more Scarf Camera Straps!  Check them out here

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