Behind The Scenes Snapshot of Photographer Rod Foster

We love to find out what inspires photographers! So we have started a new blog section called Photographer Highlights! 
So we have come up with some fun and interesting interview questions for one of our fave photographers! 
CC asks: How long have you been practicing photography? 
RF: I started shooting as a kid on point-and-shoots then started learning using my grandfather's Argus-Cosina through high school and college. After college I started my business and I've been full-time for about 7 years.
CC asks: What inspires you most about photography? 
RF: For me, photography is about telling stories in a unique way. The stories aren't my own; some are stories of what people have created, accomplishments, inventions, and amazing ideas. Others are stories of struggle, despair, humility, and pain. Many are stories of God's beauty, creation, love and mysteries. All of these stories beg to be told and every one of them inspires me.
CC asks: Do you do photography for fun or as a business?
RF: I shoot professionally most of the time. Although my favorite images are those I create when I'm all alone with my I guess I am still a hobbyist at heart!
CC asks: What is your all time favorite photo? Will you share with the crowd?
RF: "My answer would most likely change every day, but I think right now I'm remembering a photograph I made in Kenya with an obsolete camera, in bad lighting, bad composition, and before I was professional. I had just had chai with a Kenyan marathoner in his mud hut where we talked about his upcoming race in Malaysia. He ran with no socks and shoes that looked like generic Chuck Taylor's. They had none of the material possessions so often sought after by those in the Western world, yet their joy was overwhelmingly palpable. While walking away from their house I turn and snapped a photo of their son Brian, holding a piece of bread. That picture may not tell anyone else a story, but it speaks volumes to me..." 
CC asks: What has been your biggest photography accomplishment or opportunity to date?
RF: "My greatest accomplishment is working hard enough to support my family doing something I love and for that, I am amazed and grateful every day." 
CC asks: What type of photography do you specialize in?
RF: "Call it ADD, but I shoot almost anything. I know it's a bit unconventional and I wouldn't recommend it, but I guess I specialize in variety. The basic categories would be people and lifestyle. People includes mostly portrait work and weddings. Lifestyle encompasses advertising and commercial work which includes products, cars, fashion, food, travel, architecture and a bunch of other random stuff."
CC asks: Outside of photography - what are some of your hobbies?
RF: "These days most of my hobbies are kid-related since I have a family now. But, if I do carve out some free time you could find me surfing, scuba diving, spearfishing, volleyball, and maybe an occasional hike or mountain bike trip."
8. What’s one quirky thing about you, that most people don’t know but would find funny?
RF: "I can't grow a beard." 
Thanks Rod for the rad interview and letting us into your inspiration. 


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