Jen Perez Photography

Jen Perez Photography
What inspires you when you pick up your camera? We always love to talk with photographers, professional and aspiring, to find out what inspires them. This month we are featuring a so-cal local photographer who has inspired us, and we wanted to share with you our interview with Jen Perez, owner of Jen Perez Photography. Talk about capturing adorable moments!  
Meet Jen Perez.... 
CC: Jen, what kind of photography do you do professionally? And what kind of photography did you start with? 
JP: "I specialize in natural light, candid photography. Moments that freeze time and bring joy to my customers. In the beginning, I started with mostly babies and small children (at the time my twins were 3.5 years old), so I would whip out the camera on mommy and me play dates, and social gatherings. Life events bring me stimulation and happiness. Jen Perez Photography IS {Bumps, Babies, Kids, Family, Life, and Love}"
CC: How did you get from being an aspiring photographer to doing it full-time? 
JP: "I have always loved photography. I took classes in high school wayyyyy back in 96 developing my own film in the dark room, processing and creating images! From there I always carried a camera on me and learned that my grandfather was a photographer as well. Every trip, social gathering, holiday, family event {you name it} I had the camera, and the pictures were put in an album. I married my best friend Aramis in 2003, had twin boys Delmar and Aramis in 2006, worked full-time and then was laid off in 2009. My new title was Stay at Home Mom {which I loved} but I needed something more. I was on a family trip in Texas visiting my brother {of course with my camera} and after every picture my family just laughed and said “there goes paparazzi again!” As cheesy as it sounds, I had an inner voice, light bulb moment and I knew that I had to start my paparazzi business.. Jen Perez Photography"
CC: How do you get your subject to do exactly what you want? 
JP: "It depends on the client..If we are talking about younger boys I always let them know that I have treats for after their session {and of course I make fart noises to get their natural smiles out} I am constantly engaging with children. Sometimes I may ask them to jump up and down, sing their favorite song, tell me how old they are etc. Children LOVE to hear themselves talk, so engaging and being friendly usually works. If they start to cry, or are upset about the session, I instantly put the camera down and let them cool down. If I am shooting a newly engaged couple I sometimes ask them to look at one another and ask them to picture their wedding day. At a newborn session sometimes I will say humorous things like “Now look at each other and pretend you have had 8 solid hours of sleep” It usually gets them laughing. Naturally {which is what I love!}" 
CC: LOL! We love your tricks! What is your favorite piece of camera equipment and why? 
JP: "I love my Canon 50mm 1:1.2.. It’s my baby. It’s come a long way since my first lens from Costco! A close second is my Canon 85mm 1:1.2  I tend to alternate back and forth with them. Not necessarily on the same day, but each week I am different. Just depends on where I am shooting that day, and who I am shooting." 
CC: Can you share with our us any tricks of the trade that you use in your photography? 
JP: "I always schedule my clients around the perfect lighting. Either first thing in the morning or during golden hour. Nothing in-between. I am also very engaged with my clients and their needs. I run mini sessions throughout the year which I feel my clients enjoy and allows me to keep seeing them more than just during the holidays." 
CC: Do you have any particular photography that has meant more to you and why? 
JP: "I have had moments when a mom with an autistic child has cried because her son has never looked at the camera before, or moments that I have taken pictures of loved ones that have lost their battle with cancer. I have had clients cry because they have been through a bad divorce and their pictures helped uplift them. The moments when a client comes back to me with such gratitude because I was able to capture and freeze time is priceless to me. This is not work, this is my passion!" 
CC: What photographers have made an impact on you and influenced your photography? 
JP: "I follow a few photographers on Social Media. I love Rebecca Thacher Photography. She was my first professional photographer that my family went to before I started this journey and to this day she still takes our family pictures. Even when I run into her out in “the field” she is full of hugs, and smiles, and extremely energetic! She captures priceless, candid moments, and I have learned a lot by following her." 
CC: Can you share with us any of your photography that you are particularly proud of? Please share! 
JP: "How much time do you have and how many images do you want? HA HA. Honestly, the reason I created a “sneak peek” album on my FB business page is for the sole reason of sharing that “OMG” picture! I am attaching some pictures that are some of my favorites, but I could share them with you all day long. Smiles..." 
CC: Lastly, what do you think about the Capturing Couture photography line? And do you have any suggestions for products that would help you?
JP: "My best friend Kelle {my biggest fan}  purchased me a Capturing Couture strap a couple years ago as a gift. I immediately fell in love with it! It’s extremely comfortable, soft, and durable. Now that I see the scarf line I am more excited than ever! Couture camera strap = right up my alley! Excited for a new bag too!" 
What a fun interview! Thanks Jen for sharing about you and your passion. 
If you'd like to book a session with Jen Perez Photography, she's in South Orange County, and open for bookings. Here's her website and Facebook links! 
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