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Thank's to Shelby Landino, Blogger of Living & Learning - Reviews & More! for doing such an AWESOME review of our Capturing Couture Camera Straps! 


Shelby Landino's Review

"As some of you may know, I run a concerts site called Michigan Concerts. We post about concerts and artists coming to Michigan, and this includes shooting and posting concert photos. Some camera straps are so blah, and uncomfortable.

Capturing Couture, has a line of custom, designer camera straps. They have literally a style for every person, guys and girls. I recently received their Serenity Sky style. When I got the package and opened it up, it came wrapped in a bright blue bow, it was really cute.

It was really easy to put onto my camera and replace the old one. You just slid it through the strap holes and then through the plastic piece on the strap, and tightened it.

The camera strap itself was really comfortable. It has a velvet lining on the back side of the strap, so it wasn’t itchy or scratchy at all like the standard ones that usually come with your camera are. It made it so that when the camera was hanging on my neck, it didn’t feel too heavy. The strap is adjustable, so you can let it hang longer or shorter on your neck (I set mine to a mid-length).

I definitely would recommend Capturing Couture’s camera straps to any of my photographers for Michigan Concerts. I would even recommend the product to my friends. I got the longer strap, but they have wristlet’s and other products for smaller cameras as well."


Thank you Shelby! Enjoy your Serenity Sky Camera Strap!!! 



Capturing Couture 



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