Welcome Our Adorable New Sponsor... Mary Desmond!

Adorable, talented rising singer/songerwriter.... MARY DESMOND! 

We are so excited to share with you our newest musician sponsor Mary Desmond... What a DOLL! Mary has performed at the House of Blues Anaheim and Hollywood and currently working on a film called
Memphis Sun, to be released in May 2015.  We were able to interviewed her...and thought we'd share a little about this rising star! 

Capturing Couture: What are your goals and how do you plan to reach them?

MD: "To be a role model to girls through my music and show them that if you work hard anything is possible."





MD: "To be a role model to girls through my music and show them that if you work hard anything is possible."

CC: What do you consider success?

MD: "I believe that I have been really blessed by the people in my life and that all my fans and friends have helped me get to where I am today. That is success to me. The love and favor of my peers and family. I'm thankful."

CC: What career accomplishment are you most proud of to date?

MD: "I am really proud that I have done over 800 live shows in my lifetime and that I was able to tour the UK and establish relationships in Nashville that is helping me reach my music goals. I am also proud of the release of my original song Invisible." 

CC: Who inspires you and why?

MD: "My mother...she has taught me to treat people with respect and you will then be treated with respect in return."

CC: Who is your favorite musician(s)?

MD: "I love Taylor Swift." 

CC: What's your favorite color, food & hobby?

MD: "Orange, Chicken & Chocolate and singing."

CC: When you are not singing or playing music...what do you love to do?

MD: "Well I am involved with my church but I love acting. I am recently cast in an upcoming movie called Memphis Sun and I also love Musical Theater. Clicke here to see a clip from one of my recent shows.

Thanks Mary for sharing a little about you with us and our fans! 


We also had the opportunity to see her while she was producing her new holiday video, "Feliz Navidad"... she's quite creative! 

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