Thanks Clickin Moms for a Lovely Review of Our Camera Straps!

On top of the fact that Clickin Moms is an amazing resource for photographers... We love that they recently named our Capturing Couture Scarf Camera Straps as one of the top stylish camera straps around! In a recent blog by one of the Clickin Moms bloggers, Amy Lockheart did a great review of our cozy Scarf Camera Straps!

"This strap looks so soft and comfortable! It is made of a soft, knit yarn blend and comes in brown and pink, too." says Clickin Moms, Amy Lockeheart.

Thanks Clickin Moms! 


These ladies at Clickin Moms have the market covered with all things photography related. From answering questions about anything photography, to their online university, store, and magazine... its a click away from photography heaven. 












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