Introducting Our *NEW* Embroidered Scarf Camera Strap Collection

We love, love, love creating unique and colorful fashion statements! This spring, we are introducing our exclusively designed Embroidered Scarf Camera Straps that deliver free-spirited charm, combined with ultimate comfort and great quality. Inspired by flower art, these scarves pop with colorful cotton thread in artistic flower and grass design, and are available in 4 different colors.... teal, spanish orange, gold, and black. 

Accessorizing with these scarves is a simple and adorable way to add interest to your face and make a fashion statement ready for compliments. Once again, in true Capturing Couture form, we combine fashion and function in our Embroidered Scarf Camera Straps that'll make you want to carry your camera wherever you go! 

Go on...get your color on! wink, wink.... 

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