Patti Blogs is Clicking Away In Style!

Patti blogs wrote a really wonderful review of our Camera Straps, and we thought we would just share with you... how much we appreciate our loyal fans!!! 

"I do not feel passionate about many belongings, but my camera makes the short list. My passion and the enjoyment I get from photography far outways any skill or talent but I don’t care! It’s not often I get the opportunity to review an item that links to my favourite hobby but last month I was a very lucky shutter bug and received a new strap from Capturing Couture.
For those of you who don’t spend a lot of time with a camera around your neck, this might not seem like a big deal, but to me, someone who can spend the best part of the day some days, with a camera around her neck, this was awesome!



It was very easy to attach and was readily adjustable ( it goes from 38′ to 54′), I was comfy and ready to go in less than 2 minutes. Not once in over 6 hours did the strap feel uncomfortable. The soft inner surface – made from velvet cushioned neoprene- makes you forget you are wearing a strap at all – it didn’t rub or make my neck warm – it was fantastic. My only problem is that now I want to buy the matching camera bag, a lens saver, maybe a couple of their new scarf straps – I may go bankrupt and it will all be Capturing Couture’s fault.

Other items – from scarf straps & lens tote to lens savers & cleaners Capturing Couture have everything you need to express your own personal brand of style.
Toddy Wipes
Lens Cap Keepers 
Lens Totes
Scarf Camera Straps 

Not to mention the guitar straps, headbands – oh and the gorgeous dog collars & leads that are almost worth getting a dog for in themselves!!
Review Update…
I always like to give you an update on how my most used items get on. So here we are, 4 months after my initial review and my strap is just as good as the day I took it out of the package. It has stayed as comfortable as it was on day one and has made it through wind & rain & snow emerging with me into the spring sunshine as good as new. Go buy one, you’ll look great (not that you don’t now of course!)."



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