We love to have fun behind the scenes at Capturing Couture... who says work has to be boring right?! Today... as we all went about our daily tasks, it was evident that we have fun here at CC! In the Finance/Accounting Dept., our controller is rocking it out to 80's music....smiling away while crunching numbers! In the Marketing Dept., there is a #DoTERRA homeopathic diffuser duffusing good vibes to our creative minds while work on the new ADORABLE prototypes of dog beds!  And it the wherehouse.... these peeps are boxin' up and shippin' out our #FathersDay orders to classic rock! 

How are you making it a good day? We want to see how you are making it a good day! Share with us your pics on our facebook page... And make it good!   #itsagooddaycc 


Tell us... how are you making it a good day?!  

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