Something To Celebrate!

Calling all dog lovers... We ARE SO excited to share with you the great news and quite frankly... an inspirational story!

First and foremost...We have launched our *exclusive* Sofie Rover Pillow Dog Bed Collection! These boutique style pillow dog beds are not only PAWFECT for your furry friend, but make a fashion statement in your home. 

Now... the fun and inspirational story! Last week, Owner/designer, Erika Koorndyk was SO excited to launch our new Sofie Rover Dog Line and wanted to show it off to our friends at Muttropolis! So we grabbed our new Star Spangled Beds, and rushed up to Fashion Island. (Anyone with a dog, MUST see this amazing store full of high quality, fashionable dog products!) 

Of course, with a little nerves and a whole bunch of will power, we walked into Muttropolis with our dog beds to see if they were interested in showcasing our Dog Bed Collection in their store! Well, the first reaction was VERY promising as the store manager and staff were immediately excited at the site of our product line! However, anyone who has been into Muttropolis knows that this company is exclusive in their brands. But within minutes, our new dog beds were being coveted by customers and staff alike! WHAT? We couldn't believe it! We were so excited at the thought of having our Capturing Couture Sofie Rover Dog Beds in such an incredible company!! 

Well, we wanted to give them a chance to think on it... and left for a quick bite to eat nearby. After just 30 minutes... we returned to Muttropolis to see what the management decided, and found that our Large Dog Bed HAD ALREADY SOLD! WHAT? Our Capturing Couture brand in Muttropolis? RUFFTASTIC!  We couldn't believe it! What a success! They even asked for us to bring more dog beds for the 4th of July weekend! 

Quite a successful day for Capturing Couture! We know these will be something you will RUV!!





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