Stories From the Road

At Capturing Couture, we love to share with you our "Stories From the Road"... 

Recently, we were on location at one of the most beautiful locations in Orange County, CA, Rancho Las Lomas, where we did a photoshoot with our *new* exclusive Scarf Guitar Straps!  What an amazing day we had there! If you haven't been there, Rancho Las Lomas is an incredible location for a photoshoot... with Lily the White Tiger in the background and the beautiful grounds of this wildlife preserve, our photoshoot was all but spectacular. 

We love to showcase our products with lifestyle shots so that you can see how beautiful these straps really are. We have been especially excited about shooting our new Scarf Guitar Straps! They are UBER confortable and ultra stylish. We have received RAVE reviews from our sponsors who are now wearing our Scarf Guitar Straps. 

Our exclusive Scarf Guitar Straps are the freshest idea to keep you happy while you are playing.  Unique and highly on-trend, this new line extension has already captured the love of our Sponsored line-up of artists and hopefully it will capture your interest as well.

When we name our products, we look to those around us for inspiration and find the uniqueness in each color pattern. This particular Scarf Camera Strap below was named Camille (a french name), after one of our employee's daughter and the french pattern play of this particular scarf guitar strap.  

So there you have it... another story from the road! It's always a journey at Capturing Couture!        


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