Sofie Rover Dog Beds

It's all about being unique these days... right? And of course, we *LOVE* to put our unique style into all things couture! It's all about confort for our furry friends, but why not add a touch of style to your home while your dog is relaxing!
Our new Sofie Rover Dog Beds by Capturing Couture are truly something to celebrate! They are the ultimate in comfort AND style. Your furry friend will sleep well on our new boutique style dog beds!  With so many styles to choose from, there's no need to RUFF it any more! wink wink! 
Today is National Dog Day, so why not treat your dog to a new bed? And if you hurry and post a cute photo of your furry friend on our Facebook page, you may be the lucky winner of one of our Sofie Rover dog products! Don't forget to #LoveOne and #sofierover

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