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Larry George

Our passion for photography is the cornerstone of Capturing Couture...It's how we began. So of course, we are always looking for photographers who want to share their story with the world. Recently, we were approached by Larry George, the Lakewood Ranch Digital Photography Club Competition Committee Chair for the 3rd Annual Salon Competition. Larry was kind enough to share with Capturing Couture, his passion for photography in the following interview: 

CC: When did you begin your passion with photography?

LG: "In 1958 I was 12 years old when my Father bought me a small box camera for my trip to Washington DC with my uncle who worked there. I took all eight shots on my roll that day and then we developed them in my uncle’s dark room in his basement in Baltimore. They are the grainiest 5x7 prints known to man. But I was completely hooked."

 CC: Tell us the moment that you discovered your talent?

LG: "That’s a very tough question. It may have been in 1979 when, after photographing a Hot Air Balloon Fest in Plano, TX. I photographed the Balloon March which contained the AT&T Balloon. I took it to the General Manager of the Local AT&T Office and he bought it, had it enlarged significantly and had it hung in their office lobby. The last time I was there about five years ago, it was still hanging as the lobby center piece." 

CC: What type of photography do you focus on?

LG: "I like landscape, nature and wildlife photography, although I do some family events, portraiture and reluctantly, friends and family weddings. But mainly, I’m an outdoor photographer. It’s amazing what Mother Nature has provided for us."

 CC: What is your favorite lens?

LG: "I suppose my very favorite is my Canon 24-105, F4.0 on my Canon 5D MK III. But if I’m going on a cruise with one camera and lens, it would be my Tamron 28-300, F3.5 due to the overall range for the variety of situations in that environment. Of course, I love my Canon 100 MM Macro and my Canon 8-15 MM fisheye too. And, certainly, my Sigma 150-500 for wildlife is a must. So I guess the real answer is… depends on the shoot."

CC: What is your greatest accomplishment in photography?

LG: "Perhaps it’s the “Access LWR” Magazine Cover Competition in 2014 when my Lakewood Ranch, FL Main Street photo was selected. But then it’s always nice to get “thanks” from a customer or parent from a photo shoot as well. As a fellow photographer has often said, I’ve never gotten a “thank you” from a mountain I’ve shot." 

CC: Can you share with us your most proud moment or photo as a photographer and what inspired you? 

LG: "It’s a photo of the Teton Mountains I took a few years ago. The Tetons are just so majestic and the morning sun was just coming up providing a golden glow. Those mountains are incredible. What a gift to us." 

CC: Do you have any tips or tricks for young photographers?

"My best suggestion is……join a photography club. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned in the last four years as a member of the Lakewood Ranch Digital Photography Club. Join a club that specializes in learning while you have fun. That will get you off that “Auto” setting and into the fun parts of photography and take field trips with like-minded folks who want to better their skills. I’m retired from the real world, but the club and my photography keep me very busy and out of trouble, most of the time. It’s a great vocation or avocation."


CC: What do you think about our new Scarf Camera Straps? 

LG: "Capturing Conture provided a black and ivory camera scarf strap as a gift for our Salon Competition. It's really beautiful and functional. I'm not sure who will win that, but I'm certain they will be quite happy with it. Thank you Capturing Couture!" 


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