USA Made

USA Made

It makes me smile knowing that I’ve been working with some of my vendors since I started my company in my 2-car garage years ago.  This heritage is why I stay closely involved in our production process to this day.  I care about the people working beside me and the integrity of my brand.  Contracting out some of our products for sewing locally, brings jobs to our own community and that’s important to me. Building relationships with other like-minded small businesses allows me to honor the integrity I created my brand around.  We make everything within miles of our headquarters in Orange County, CA. 

This is my friend, mentor and business associate Roy. He gives me guidance in the world of textile sewing. He has been in business for over 40 years and knows the ins and out of just about everything! He has great people working for him who reallly know their stuff and product products nothing less than perfect! 


Romone works for Roy. He's been with him many years and loves it there. Ramone's job is to lay out the pattern in a manner that saves the customer and Roy money. They are always watching out for us. I am forever grateful for every bit of knowledge they share with me! 


The inspiration is endless when I head into the city. When I leave my everyday bubble and head into the great Los Angeles, I’m reminded of all the things that inspired me to create my own product line.  The colors inspire me to create, and the people remind me why we all create.  The different cultures, the city life, the street art, and all the good and bad in between, I fall in love with LA even more and the art it inspires in me.  It’s odd to me how the big city of LA can also give you a small town feel as shopkeepers remember me by name.  They even know my mother’s name. They care for their customers and it shows.




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