PAW-FECT Review!

 LOVE our first product review of our adorable dog leash and collar! Thanks Seth, owner at Giveawayguy blog, for the RAVE review of our dog products! 


"For the pet lovers who read this blog, here's another product to check out! I recently had the pleasure of getting my hands (or should I say paws) on a dog leash from Capturing Couture.

Capturing Couture was created by two savvy friends, Erika and Lisa, who share a passion and talent for fashion and photography. And pets too, of course.

Erika and Lisa take pride in every customer and fan they have, and strive to make every customer’s experience the most amazing it can be. To them, it’s important that success happens organically by paying attention to detail and staying true to who they are.

Capturing Couture pink dog leash
Chloe dog leash in pink

The Chloe dog leash is so fashionable that both you and your dog will look forward to the next walk around the neighborhood. The design of this leash features Organza roses and comes in three colors - pink (shown above, although it's quite red too), aqua, and indigo.

There are matching collars available too! There's a matching collar to go with the pink leash, and the other colors as well.

The leash looks great with that bark. See what I did there?

I'm not an expert, but I feel like the leash is made with quality material and so far it's help up nicely. One thing you might not realize is the inside of the handle is velvet plush, so it's soft and easy on your hand.

As for the clasp, it's solid and I dig it. Was that another dog pun? Anyhow, rest assured that you'll love the fashionable and practical aspects of the leash. I expect it will last a while...

Capturing Couture also offers camera and guitar straps so check out their collection. The holidays are coming in a couple months!"



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