HOT Camera Accessories!

HOT Camera Accessories!

We LOVE any pop of color we can's what we crave here at Capturing Couture! And it's so much fun to look around at all the fabulous pops of color during summer! 

So of course... we just wanted to share some of the showstoppers in our lineup of colorful products for all photographers! 

Drumroll Please.... Here are the TOP 6 Camera Accessories!  

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Wildflower Bag Strap

Vintage-inspired, our Wildflower Camera Strap is the perfect essential for any bag! Our new Bag Straps are daring and bold! It's that easy to make a statement with a simple bag!


Heartbeat Scarf Camera Strap

This little hottie was a FAVE this summer with its free-flowing rayon fabric and pop of colors! The Heartbeat Scarf Camera Strap will truly add a cute pop of color to your camera! 



Tally Orange Interchangeable Camera Bag

Want to change the look of your black camera bag, but don't want to purchase a whole new bag? Check out our Tally Bag Collection! Our new zip-off flaps make it convenient and easy to switch out your style without investing in a whole new camera bag! Just zip and velcro on your new stylish flap! Styles change and now your camera bag can too! With dozens of stylish bag flaps, there's a style for everyone! 


Retro Stripe Scarf Camera Strap

Go bold with the most eye-catching stripes we could find! With stripes hitting the top trends on 2017, amp up your wardrobe with this classic Retro Stripe Camera Strap.  


Honeydew Backpack

This incredible camera bag boasts style and space all in one! With a fashionable Honeydew print and retro green velvet, this Honeydew Backpack is the perfect accessory for your valuable cameras! Oh! And don't forget to get your Lens Cap Saver


Symphony Camera Strap

One of our all-time top sellers, the Symphony Camera Strap is vintage quality all the way! This little treasure has been a top seller every year and has proven to be one of the photographer faves!  

We'd love to hear about your favorite camera straps! Please take a minute to leave a product review on our website or on Google+ 

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