Family Photo Wreath

Who doesn't LOVE crafts using photos of kiddos and family...This Photo Wreath is such a cute idea to make for yourself or a unique holiday gift for grandparents! 


Supplies you need:

-Styrofoam wreath
-straight pins or tacks
-black and white photos
-decorative brads that match your paper
-ribbon that you love
-circle stencil
-both straight and scallop scissors

-cute scrapbook paper

First, you will want to cut your photos out in circles.  You can get creative and use other shapes.  Then mount your black and white photos on cardstock and then use scallop scissors to give them a fancy edge. 

Next you will use your ribbon to wrap the Styrofoam wreath.  Start by taking the end of your ribbon and attach with a straight pin or tack.  Then begin wrapping the ribbon around the wreath, pulling pretty tight.  You will wrap the whole thing (like you are wrapping a bandage or a mummy) until all the white is covered.

When you are finished wrapping, pin with straight pins.  Now that the whole wreath is wrapped, you are ready to add the photos!

I just played around with my photos until they were in a great place.  I liked the close ups staggered throughout the other photos. 

Now to attach the photos, just use straight pins around the wreath!  Super easy!  We used some fancy brads and ribbon to add a decorative touch.  How cute would it be to make these photo wreaths for various occasions or holidays, birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc...If you venture out and make one, we would absolutely LOVE to see it!

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