Where Have you Been?...

 Do you know where Suvarnabhumi Airport is?  It's in Bangkok, Thailand
and was the most-Instagrammed place in the world this past year!  Over
100,000 photos Instagrammed from this airport!  Runners-up include Times
Square, the Eiffel Tower, and Disneyland. 

How can Instagram track where these photographs were taken?  When you
take a photo while connected via Wi-Fi or 3G, your device "geotags"
where the photo was taken.  Geotagging is a technical term for storing
the coordinates of your current location with your photograph. This
information is accessible if you grant permission to Instagram.  If you
would like to turn the GPS off, consult the manufacturer's instructions
on your device.

(Above: Subarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok Thailand)

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