A Thankful Reflection

A Thankful Reflection

With a thankful reflection and no more dishes to wash or having to look up creative ways to reinvent Thanksgiving leftovers - we are putting our feet up, grabbing a glass of wine and reliving one of my favorite times of the year. 

As we look through the photos I took over the weekend I cannot help but be overwhelmed by how thankful I am for each person who came. 

You see, I have always been the person behind the camera. If you need me you will find me roaming around filling glasses with a camera around my neck hanging from one of my latest camera strap creations. The reason I love looking through the lens of camera is because I get to see the people I love most enjoy what I have created. 

Photos that remind of us how thankful we are!

With the vision of wanting every person who walked through our door this Thanksgiving to know and feel they belonged here. There are three things I try to do every time I host an event to create this feeling. They are simple and I know you can do them too. 

  • Everyone sits together. Yes, even the kids. Having everyone in the same room fills the room with laughter and warmth. So the next time you celebrate do your best to keep the party in one room. I promise you will feel and see the difference. 
  • Everyone has a place at the table. Not only do we sit together but I make sure everyone knows they have a spot at the table. I do this by simply making a place card with their name on it. So the next time you have an event grab card stock, cut it into 3in x 6in strips, fold them in half, write your guests name on them and place them on the table or on a place setting. It is a simple way to let someone know you thought of them and does not take much time. 
  • 3 Everyone leaves full. Life is not always easy. I want people to leave with their cup filled to the top so that when they leave they can be the best version of themselves. I view my role as creating environment for that to happen. That is why I create name cards, cut table runners from fabric I find around the house and borrow tables from friends so we can all sit together. So the next time you think about skipping a moment to celebrate, choose to celebrate. 

I do not know what your Thanksgiving might have looked this year but it is never too late to celebrate the people you are thankful for. Tonight sit together, create a place for everyone at the table and leave full.  

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