Dogs Do Understand!

Dogs Do Understand!

The doggy brain is fascinating! Did you know that our little fur friends can actually process speech in the same way as humans do? Yep! These four-legged friends of our, can actually understand words and tones in the same way as humans brains. 

A team of Hungarian researchers revealed some pretty amazing results published in They studied the brains of 13 dogs and found that these animals have a distinct way of processing human language. 

“The results were very exciting and very surprising,” said lead researcher Attila Andics from Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest.

Dogs actually understand what we say AND how we say it! In fact, dogs understand most of what your saying... spoken and unspoken. Research found that dogs actually process words with the left part of their brain and intonation with the right part of their brain. Researchers also found that they expierence a sense of achievement with humans praise with words AND intonations. So they DO understand the human language! 

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Oh! And check out Hayes_silverlab in the adorbs photo! Just feel the love between these two! 


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