Ever zipline with a camera strap and camera around your neck?

Ever zipline with a camera strap and camera around your neck?
This February, my sisters, my niece and I traveled down to Patzcuaro, Mexico to join our Dad and his wife.. We went on a hiking excursion through the Sierra Norte Mountains of Oaxaca.  We had a 14-day vacation planned, with a 5-day village-to-village hike in between. But before we set off on our 5-day excursion, (which I’ll share more about in a future blog) we wanted to zipline -- The Patzcuaro Zipline.   
Scarf Camera Straps on a mirrorless camera
Why the Patzcuaro Zipline when there’s so much art and culture to explore? Simple answer --  we’re all a little crazy!
Scarf Camera Strap on a dslr camera
With our mirrorless camera in-hand and camera strap around our neck, we crave adventure -- from shopping, to photography, to taking pictures every waking moment of our travels -- and well we did all that, so now it was time to zipline!
Scarf Camera Strap on my mirrorless camera
To start our zipline adventure we chartered a boat from Patzcuaro town to Isla Janitzio on the Patzcuaro Lake.  Once on the island, we hiked up the beautiful walkways lined with colorful designs from local artisans, which I adore.  
Scarf Camera Strap are prefect for mirrorless cameras
I find inspiration in everything and everyone I see -- different styles from different cultures, and places that I’ve traveled -- I made sure to scope out every shop and design for new inspirations for camera straps and bag designs, all while huffing and puffing up to the top of the island.
Shopping on Patzcuaro island
I wore one of our mix-matched scarf camera straps and photographed every inch of the island.  I even climbed to the top of The Statue of José María Morelos.  I was happy I chose to take my mirrorless camera and soft scarf camera strap as they are both lightweight..  I found the new hidden pocket feature in the scarf camera strap super handy for exploring purposes. I was able to hide my pesos and lens cap with confidence. As the owner and designer of our straps, all these features are important to me especially in these extreme shooting conditions! lol

Patzcuaro Island shopping
After climbing to the top of The Statue of José María Morelos, we had a rooftop lunch before we rode the nearly mile-long zipline.  I feel it’s fair to say “nearly” when the zipline is over 3/4 of a mile long…and yes, with my trusty sony camera and scarf camera strap around my neck!  I took pictures of everything -- the water, the island, the statue, and of course, I had to try an in-action-selfie!
Scarf Camera Strap so comfortable and soft, it's the best camera strap on the market!
There’s a first time for everything, and for my sister and I,  it was the day we wore a camera strap around our neck while on a forever-long zipline in Mexico!
- Erika Koorndyk
Zipline on Patzcuaro Island

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