Life a little Mix|Matched

Life a little Mix|Matched
Life With Custom Mix-Matched Camera Straps!
If you’re anything like me, you’re a little bit of this, a little bit of that, a little over here and a little over there!  You love fashion, you love photography, you love to travel, and you especially love travel photography! Mixing things up makes you happy, and keeps you excited for all that’s around the next corner.
We totally get you!  
Custom Mix matched scarf camera strap
We have Mix-Match Camera Strap collections just for you! We created them because we agree – different is best. The process of mix and matching a camera strap to suit your style is easy and we have lots of prints to choose from!  Most of all, our Mix-Match Camera Strap link gives you a fun interactive shopping experience. Today, you can sit in the designer seat and take a ride! Just visit our Mix-Match Camera Strap collection to shop available style options. We are constantly mixing things up, so what’s available today, may not be available tomorrow – so get it while it’s hot! Once your order is placed, we custom make it for you in less than a week turnaround time! And, because I love designing and creating so much, I curated a collection of in-stock and ready-to-ship styles for you to choose from as well.
Camera straps customized with mix matched patters for your style
Our Mix-Match Camera Straps aren’t just cute and stylish – they are also functional – which makes us all a little Photo Chic! It’s a win-win all around. We were the first to come up with the brilliant idea of adding a hidden pocket and have a design patent pending! We designed this feature into our construction at no extra cost. This built-in camera strap pocket is lightweight and hidden – so no one knows it’s there!  
Mix Matched hidden pocket scarf camera straps
We designed this camera strap pocket large enough to store your phone, so stashing cash, keys, lip gloss and credit cards is easy to do while on the go! If you have a smaller mirrorless camera, it’ll even fit into the pocket for safe storing while not in use.  I love this feature because I can easily store my Sony camera in the hidden pocket of my camera strap and drop it in my bag with peace of mind that it’s free from rubbing against other essentials in my tote. Oh and don’t let me forget – I especially love using the pocket to store my lens cap. I often use my cute lens cap keeper in my daily life, but when I’m traveling, I like to keep it safe in the hidden pocket of my scarf camera strap.
One must have options after all!
Erika Koorndyk

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