Helloooo Miley & Ryan!

Helloooo Miley & Ryan!
Ever scroll through Instagram or Facebook and find yourself doing a double take? That was my husband’s reaction one evening when he stumbled upon a Miley Cyrus Instagram post and spotted a Capturing Couture camera strap.
He couldn’t believe it!  
At the time of the post, I was off the grid. I was traveling out of the country with little cell service. Nestled up on a hillside in a small Sierra Norte Village in Oaxaca, Mexico–my sisters and I had just reached our third village on our 5-day village hiking excursion–when I received the text from my husband. It was a photo screenshot of Miley Cyrus’s Instagram. I too did a double take–the beautiful, talented and ultra-chic Miley Cyrus was with her photographer, Ryan McGinley, photographing beachside, using our Harmony Camera Strap for a Vanity Fair feature. I was like what?!  It was such an honor and such a surprise to see Ryan wearing a Capturing Couture camera strap.
Vintage Camera Straps by Capturing Couture
With much excitement, I showed my sisters the post. I was like, “check it out–a Capturing Couture camera strap on Miley’s Instagram–woot-woot!”  Equally excited, my sisters celebrated with me for a moment, until one of my sisters suddenly looked perplexed and asked, “What is Kevin doing following Miley Cyrus?” We all started laughing hysterically–our Spanish translator, Celestino, included. If you only knew my husband–you’d be laughing too.    
So I thank Miley for this post that  brought so much love and laughter to our exhausting and extreme hiking expedition through Mexico. I was so excited by this fun post found on Instagram, and love even more that my husband noticed and shared it with me. Our very own Harmony camera strap on Ryan McGinley, while shooting the beautiful and talented Miley Cyrus, for the Vanity Fair magazine. How cool is that!
Miley and Ryan, you make our cheeks blush with joy! Stumbling upon our straps on Instagram always brings a smile to our face!  Thank you!
You can follow both these amazingly talented individuals at: @ryanmcginleystudios & @mileycyrus. We love us some wild ones!
You can find Ryan’s Harmony camera strap HERE. He’s got great style–after all, the Harmony is our #1 top-selling camera strap 10 years running!

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