Our Top 5 Summer Destinations

Our Top 5 Summer Destinations

Where is this summer taking YOU?! Here in sunny Southern California, we are often doing staycations because...well, THIS summer hotspot is just A-MAZING to explore! Believe me, we know we are blessed!

So we decided to list all the amazing summer hotspots that our Capturing Couture family has been... and here's what we have done so far...in order of where we thought was THE BEST: 

  1.  Monterey, CA  - When you just want to get away to a quiet California coastal destination, Monterey, CA is THE HOTSPOT! 
  2. San Clemente, CA - Calafia Beach is a small tidal treasure! And it's part of San Clemente State Beach, so your state beach parking pass works here! 
  3. San Diego, CA - Mission Beach in particular! The Catamaran Resort is a true family vacation worth doing....From kayaking, boating, or cruising around the bay on beach cruisers, this is a family hotspot fo sure! 
  4. Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach, CA - A little hard to get parking, but well worth it, especially to explore the tide pools! 
  5. Pismo Beach, CA - A unique, fun, and beautiful little Cali hotspot. Centrally, located, you are bound to enjoy walks on the beach or shopping along the way.

So there you have it! Some great destination hotspots for a weekend getaway for your family or just a weekend stacation for you and your hubby! 

Where is this summer taking you and your family! Please SHARE with us! In fact, #CCsummerfun on your Facebook or Instagram page, and enter for a chance to win one of our new Camera Bags! Please be sure to share where your vacation hotspot is and what you love about your vacation! 

Our photo contest will end at the end of summer, so please snap away!! 


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