Photography Through the Eyes of Youth

Photography Through the Eyes of Youth

When I was a child, I carried my camera everywhere... I worked in the dark room at school to develop some pretty amazing work, and well... some not so pretty work. But I carried my SLR around school... capturing moments, dances, yearbook memories, and anything unique and beautiful that I saw. Photography has never left my side. My cameras have changed over time, but my vision to capturing life in a moment, has not. It's my passion, and one of my many my outlets.

So naturally, here at Capturing Couture, we love to see youth with their cameras! We recently learned about an incredible organization in San Diego that is making record waves putting cameras in the classrooms for children! has incredible workshops and outreach programs and for grades 6-12 that take kids on adventures with their cameras. offers incredible opportunities for children to learn how to be a photographer.  Check out their calendar of events! Thanks @outsidethelens for your dedication to putting photography in the hands of our youth! You rock! 


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