Shooting in low-light


Low light photography Lotus Carrol Photographer

Shooting in low light can be tricky, but totally possible!  I’m always capturing moments in lowlight because I love the emotion that is captured.  As I shoot photography as much as we can, I get a lot of opportunities both in-doors and out-doors.  In addition to good ‘ol practice, here are a few simple ways you can capture great photos in darker settings.

    • The first recommendation is to use a tripod.  This ensures that your camera will be steady, which allows you to get a clear picture.
    • Increase your camera’s ISO to let more light in. Doing this will also increase “noise” in your image. It does allow you to shoot without a tripod to a certain point though. If you’re hoping to avoid noise, you can try adjusting your shutter speed or opening up your aperture.
    • Shooting in RAW also gives you more flexibility when editing your images.
    • You can always use a flash. When going this route you’ll have the best outcome with an off-camera flash that’s held off to the side.
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Photo Credit: Lotus Carroll