Catch the Buzz on the Top Digital Cameras

Catch the Buzz on the Top Digital Cameras

With a plethora of cameras out there... it's seemingly a daunting task to figure out where to put your $dollars$. From DSLRs to mirrorless to compact cameras.... ahhh.... where to begin! Let's break down the list to see which cameras are top-rated for each category. is a great resource for getting the lowdown on anything and everything tech related! They recently shared a great article breaking down their top digital cameras for 2017... and we are on board with their tech recommendations! We love how they broke down the different camera types, specs, pricing, and details. 

Here's the low down.... 


Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 

For years, the Digital SLR's have been the "Go-To" camera for photographers who want to have the ability to switch out lenses and have the ability to create excellent photography. The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV has it all, including full HD video functions and incredible resolution... this DSLR takes the lead in the $3K range. 


Fujifilm X-T2

For those who want to take photography to the next level, try out the mirrorless cameras! Mirrorless cameras are smaller and lighter, but still allow you to switch out lenses.  This Fujifilm X-T2 boasts an updated autofocus that offers an impressive and quick tracking system. It has been touted as one of the best cameras on the market today. The camera body runs in the $1600 range. 



Fujifilm X100F 

For the expert photographer who simply wants to get add an incredible camera to their collection.... this retro style camera rocks the photography industry. With a fixed 35mm lens and excellent image quality... this specialty camera is one of the top sellers in the compact camera category at a price point around $1300. 



 Panasonic Lumix ZS100

 Want a camera for your vacation, but don't want to take your expensive and bulky camera? The Panasonic Lumix ZS100 does the trick! This is the perfect travel camera for the travel enthusiast who wants to capturing those special moments without breaking the bank at the $600 range. 

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