How to Wear a Statement Necklace

Fashion Trend: The Statement Necklace

What’s the best way to add some punch to an otherwise so-so outfit? With a sexy statement necklace of course! But you might be wondering how to pull off big, bold and extravagant pieces?  The main key is to keep the rest of your outfit somewhat minimal, but there’s more to it than that...Here's a few tips:

DO:  Wear your hair up so it doesn’t compete with your statement necklace. After all, you want the piece to shine.


DO:  Play matchy-matchy. Your statement necklace doesn’t have to be a bright color in contrast to a simple dress. Matching your statement necklace to the rest of your outfit creates a long line and gives your outfit some depth.

DO:  Wear over-the-top brights. Don’t be afraid to pair bright colors with other bright colors to make your outfit pop.

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