Pinch Me! Grant Mickelson of Taylor Swift's band now rocks Capturing Couture!


Never never never in a million years did I ever think I would ever meet Taylor Swift’s band members, let alone have the opportunity to personally gift them each a Capturing Couture guitar strap...but it happened!  Then, this week I stumbled across Taylor’s Facebook/Instagram pic of her entire band hanging out, and right there smiling at me was Grant Mickelson (upper right corner) wearing our Reaper guitar strap!  How cool is that!?  I have to say that Taylor's band members are wicked cool!  Here’s my true story of how this came to be:

I've been dreaming of how PERFECT our Organza Guitar Straps would be on Taylor, especially the Red Organza.  From the moment I first designed this strap and found the statement rose flower trim, I could see it on Taylor Swift - It is that perfect for her!  I probably annoy my staff endlessly because I mention this all the time… "If I can only find a way to get one into her hands!”  I've always enjoyed Taylor's music but now one of my goals was to somehow, someway, get this guitar strap into her hands, with the hopes she will agree - it's just PERFECT for her!  

"Gifting" this caliber of celebrity personally is so hard, I always feel it will never happen...and then suddenly I found myself at that MAGIC moment, truly being at the right place at the right time.

My son, niece and I stopped for a late dinner at Wolfgang Pucks after going to the KIIS FM Jingle Ball Concert this past December 2012.  At the time, I felt like I was literally forcing them to go because I had my heart set on them "experiencing" the cool artsy vibe of Wolfgang Pucks.  The kids were exhausted and wiped out from the excitement of the concert, and just wanted to get home and go to bed...But during the middle of our silent dinner my son, Tyler, ever so nonchalantly, said "Hey...there's Taylor's band right there."  My head perked up, my eyes went directly to them, just a few tables away!    

It became a moment of truth.  Do or die time.  

So I had to do it.  I just had to make an introduction.  This wasn't just important for me, it was an important lesson to teach my son and niece -- I had to show them to follow your dreams, go with your gut, seize the opportunity, and believe in yourself!  I was so painfully nervous that it was to the point I was being ridiculous.  But I wasn't just nervous to ‘meet them’ - I didn't want to be incredibly rude for interrupting their down time after they’d just performed.  This was definitely out of my comfort zone.  The check came, I paid the bill and decided I had to pull myself together.  I didn't tell the kids what I had planned (I was pretty unclear of exactly what my own plan even was!)...I just stood up, and they followed behind.   

I stopped and approached, who I now know as Grant, and said "You guys rocked it tonight!"  The three of them looked up and smiled warmly at us, Grant Mickelson, Paul Sidoti and Caitlin Evanson.  I said, "How cool is it to be a part of the biggest band in the world right now?" and Grant said, "I know, I have to pinch myself everyday!"  I thought that was the coolest response I have EVER heard in my life...How genuinely nice and down to earth! Paul Sidoti and Caitlin Evanson too, super nice people and I enjoyed chatting with them for a moment which now seems like a complete blur.  I introduced them to my brand, Capturing Couture, and told them what we’re all about...Caitlin gave me her info to send them a guitar strap, Grant recommended we send anything sparkly to Taylor - which is now on it's way!!  The kids got a photo with them and we left the restaurant on pure adrenaline!  This was truly AH-MAZING!  

We walked to the car giddy as could be.  As we were walking, there was a point that I was going to scream, and my son pleaded, "Mom, please not until the car - don't scream until we get in the car!"  We walked down some dark LA streets, completely high on life!   We were giddy with so much emotion we didn't know what to think.  Once the car doors closed, Tyler said, "Okay mom, you can scream now.”  So that’s what we did - both Kayla, Tyler and I screamed as loud as we could with excitement!  The hour drive home felt like 5 minutes.  We must have replayed those few moments with Grand, Paul & Caitlin a hundred times, we couldn't get enough!   Not only was one of the cooler moments of our lives, I felt us three grow a special bond of a great moment in time, one that we'd share forever!    

And there is Grant with our guitar strap, how cool is that?!?

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Grant Mickelson:  Facebook & Twitter: @GrantMickelson

Caitlin Evanson:  Facebook  & Twitter: @caitlinbird

Paul Sidoti:  FacebookTwitter: @paulsidoti

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