Capturing Couture Custom Camera Strap Review

A Review by Mark Stagi, from Digital Photo Buzz

The photography field today is so much different than it was 10 or 20 years ago. Awhile back there were very few options for photographers, you only had a few options for album creation, only a few labs with few options for printing and your gear was pretty plain and simple. If you were shooting 35mm it was just a choice between Nikon and Canon but some basic lenses. Fast forward a few years and there are hundreds of album options, many labs all with unique products like printing on metal and lots of ways to customize your gear.
In a day where we all want to be unique and different there are some cool options to customize our gear. A little while back I was contacted by capturing couture a company who makes custom camera straps. They sent me over a strap to check out and I have to say I was pretty impressed with the quality. Here is a quick review of the Capturing couture camera strap.
First let me remind everyone how important it is to have great packaging. When we are delivering our prints to our customers we should present the images to them in a unique way. I’ll cover some tips on presentation soon but just was reminded of that when opening up the package from Capturing Couture. It was packaged in a nice black box with black and pink tool wrapped as a bow and inside a nice black and white checkered tissue that wrapped the strap.
The strap itself is made very well. The style that I got was the Reaper (not really a fan of the name but it was the most simple style that they had). It’s a 2″ camera strap and has an adjustable length from 30” to 45”.
capturing couture camera strap
The strap seems very durable, I haven’t got a ton of use out of it yet but compared to the thin strap that you get with your camera this looks like it can outperform it no problem. The back of the strap has extra padding around the area where your neck is so does add some extra comfort while wearing it. The padding is velvet so has a good feel to it. All of the buttons and fasteners are very sturdy. Overall it’s a great quality strap and they have tons of designs available. Almost no matter what your style you will find something you like from styles such as Hibiscus, Bungalo and Animal prints there are styles for everyone.
capturing couture camera strap
For more of their camera straps and bag check out

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