"People's Choice" Monthly Photo Contest!

Hoping lots of Photographers enter The CTE "Peoples Choice" Monthly Photo Contest! They want to celebrate and recognize photographers for their talent! They are awarding some pretty incredible prizes to the Winner! A Think Tank Camera Bag, a Capturing Couture Fashion Camera Strap, or a Gary Fong "Pop-up" Flash Puffer (flash diffuser).

The winner will be announced on their Blog and FB page at the beginning of each month and will be chosen by "Popular" Vote on our Voting page. So encourage all of your friends and family to vote for you and your image! Please submit ONE Fantastic Image per contest/month and share anything that you would like about your image including your settings or a story.

Contest Rules:
Image size must be no larger than 300kb  
Horizontal Images cannot be wider than 800 pixels 
Vertical Images height cannot be larger than 800 pixels  
Image must be JPG, PNG, or GIF formats
"Art" and "Beauty" will be appreciated but Nudity will not. Inappropriate, lewd or offensive images will be removed, so please be responsible for your content.
For free and easy re-sizing, please go to picnik.com

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