Customer Reviews!

Great camera strap!

I've had this strap now for about a year and thought I'd come back and write a quick review. So far, so good. This strap is not only great looking (received a few comments on it while out shooting), but is also very well made. The length is perfect for hiking trails as you can wear it messenger style (just like the description above says) and its very comfortable with just the right amount of padding across the shoulder area. Thanks Capturing Couture for making a great looking, high quality product!

"I was previously using a boring black neoprene strap. This is SOOOOOO much more comfortable and stylish then that as well as cooler on my neck. I use this strap to take photos at sporting events and am thrilled I found it. I will definitely plan on getting more in the future. The quality is stellar and the hardware is very secure. Initially I ordered a different pattern, but the company won't ship if they spot a defect while preparing the shipment and contacted me to find an alternative of my choosing. I picked mountain bloom and love it, but am really hope my initial design comes back in stock as I totally want that one as well. :) Buy one today, you will not regret it!"

- K

"This is the ideal camera strap that I've been dreaming of. Soft and stretchy, absolutely perfect! So much prettier and more comfortable than the original strap that came with my camera. Thank you!" Heidi
"I just received the guitar strap. It is so beautiful. It's a perfect fit too! So glad i bought it. This strap will be a timeless keepsake. I will enjoy its' use for years to come. The quality is unsurpassed! I love the velvet backing.
Thanks so much for all your help.
Have a great day!"

"The most comfortable strap I have ever used, and looks great on stage...Two thumbsup!"


"Love, Love: Purchased this strap as a replacement for the cheap looking strap that came with my Nikon (red) D5300 camera. Love, love, love this strap. Well made, sturdy, easy to put on, prettier than picture depicts. Worth every penny and then some! You get what you pay for.......

Go Made in the USA." - Lee 


"Arrived on time and it's beautiful and bright. I appreciate the sturdy, wide, comfortable strap. When I'm snapping pictures I either wrap the strap around my wrist for safety or around my neck for ease of carry-- this strap is great for both."

- Shannon

"Met you at NAMM and bought the beautiful Red Organza Rose guitar strap for my gal, Jenny for Valentines and wanted to let you know she is just floored with it.  It's a beautiful piece and will see lots of use, to the tune of about 150 shows a year."
- Philbillie
    "YOU'LL LOVE IT! Give yourself a treat like I did & order it. I did not need it. Did not need to spend the money, but one of those things you are always glad you bought just for you. Never had anything but strap that comes with my cameras. I got it for my Pana FZ150. Now it's on FZ200. Went on easy. Tricky with right direction but you'll get it. I wasn't sure about wide strap. I love that. So much easier on your neck. On bottom of strap is a black quality micro velvet/suede feeling material. Luxurious. I feel so special every time I remove camera from bag. A rich look. Colors are gorgeous!!! Design is great. I'm sure other colors are nice. If you are a blue person like me, you'll love the 2.0 Symphony. It's classy. I'm a female btw but bet a guy would love it too. When I figure out which one, I'm ordering my son who has the FZ150 one for Christmas. He will enjoy & feel special like I have. Quality could not be better. Call it my birthday present to me. Thank you me!" - Diane

"I bought this bohemian style camera strap last year for traveling abroad. Just getting back and catching up with procrastinated items, I wanted to place a review in some of the products I purchased but have not reviewed yet. This camera strap is sturdy, well made and has vibrant colors. I was using this strap for my Nikon DSLR and was easy to slip into the hooks. None of the stitching design came loose as I manhandled this in my backpack or lugged it on my shoulder without any discomfort. If you like the gypsy or bohemian design, this is definitely the perfect one!" 

- Manette

"I love this strap! Its made very well with a retro flair of a 70's strap with metal hardware. The fabric is fantastic and sturdy with plenty of padding on the back of my neck. I recommend this strap to any savvy photographer!"