Wholesale Sales Materials


Here you will find wholesaler information, important updates and product announcements.

  Please feel free to order through your REP,

  or DIRECT through this website


Here are links to:

Full Camera PDF Linesheet

2017 Wholesale A Camera Order Form

Master Discontinued SKU List

2017 Top 20 List

2016 Loadsheet

2016 End of Summer Promo Flyer

2016 Holiday Early Bird Flyer

2016 Holiday SKUs Map Reduction List

2016 Backpack Images ALL

2016 September Update Scarf Top Sellers

Camera and Guitar Straps showing as out of stock on our website are usually back in stock within 7-10 days. 

Camera Bags out of stock are 7-10 days lead-time.

CASE PACKS available - qty 20 in a case

Sometimes we do find long lead times on certain items - these are listed here:

    BPK01-AMER Backpack; Americana (due in Late Summer 2017)

    All Olivia Turq Items - Due back in August


 Here are the SKUs that are soon to be discontinued due to fabric availability:

    SLR20-CALI  Camera Strap; Calico (3/22/17)