Wholesale Packaging

We offer several types of packaging for your wholesale order: 

 Clear Poly Bags:

We use 4mm thick poly bags for durability.  They have a product insert with UPC/SKU info that is visible from one side while product is fully visible from front.  They are heat sealed closed for easy storage and measure 4" x 10" x .75" approx.  The bags pack smaller for easier shipping and warehousing. These are also accepted by Amazon for FBA shipments.



Wooden Hangtags:

For retail store displays we offer our hangtags.  Each strap is strung through the hangtag using the camera sliplocks.  The strap is fully available for customers to touch, see and even try on!  UPC/SKU information is included on a tagged info card.


Clear Retail Boxes:

{We are currently phasing this packaging out due to higher return rates for crushed boxes}

These are clear boxes 2.25" x 2.25" x 9" pop & lock with product insert in back and UPC code on the side.  These are great for in store displays where dust may be an issue and are accepted by (although not recommended for) Amazon for FBA shipments.