Wholesale Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in the Capturing Couture product line!

We are excited to be offering such a fun fashionable product collection.  Our ultimate goal is 100% customer satisfaction, while building lasting relationships.

Terms for Wholesale Accounts:

  • MOQ: There is no Minimum Order quantity – but we do offer free shipping on order over $500
  • Current Accounts: Wholesale customers must maintain a current status on their accounts. Past due charges will apply to late invoices and future orders will be held until the account balance is resolved.
  • MAP Enforced: MAP Pricing is set to the MSRP of each item and must be adhered to. Violators will be notified to correct their pricing.  Future orders will be held until corrections are made.
  • Linesheet vs. Online SKUs: This linesheet is comprised of stock items that are proven and secure. More SKUs are available on our website, but those items are either discontinued, limited run, or being market tested.  You are welcome to order any of the SKUs on our website with your standard discount with the understanding that they may not be available long-term.
  • Ordering & Delivery:
    1. Orders will be considered received when they are either:
      1. Submitted via email (from your rep or directly) to sales@capturingcouture.com
      2. Submitted via the website directly - functionality to be implemented during 2017 year
    2. You will receive an email confirmation that your order was received, if there are any backorders included in your order and an estimate of when your order may ship.
    3. We maintain inventory of all of our top-sellers and linesheet items and strive to ship all Wholesale orders within 5 business days of receipt. However since our SKUs are hand-crafted we may experience short backorders during busy ordering periods and for exceptionally large qty orders.
    4. When your order ships you will receive an email of the invoice along with tracking. If you have CC terms with us, the card on file will be run before your order ships.
    5. Standard shipping is UPS Ground – Expedited shipping is available and will be charged accordingly.
  • Our Products:
    1. Our website is solely for the promotion of Our Products and the images are for illustrative purposes only. Although we have made every effort to display the colors accurately, we cannot guarantee that your display will exactly reflect the color of the product. The products that you receive from us may vary slightly from those images.
    2. Although we make every effort to be as accurate as possible, because our products are handmade, all sizes, weights, dimensions and colors are approximate.  We cannot guarantee uniform appearance, absence of natural imperfections in the materials or stretch of the fabrics. 
    3. We do pride ourselves on a high standard of quality and our products are quality controlled at 3 different stages of production. If you do receive an item that is defective we are happy to warranty it with a replacement within 1 year of purchase.
    4. Warranty Guarantee – Our fine products are warranted against manufacture defect for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Capturing Couture will, at our discretion, repair or replace any defective product.  We will in no way assume liability for any damage caused by defective or damaged products.  We assume no liability for damage from normal wear and tear, willful damage, neglect, accident, abnormal storage or cleaning, misuse, or any alterations by consumer or 3rd
    5. Returns - We will accept returns of some items on a case by case basis.


  • Our Contact Information:

We are best reached via email at sales@capturingcouture.com

Phone: 949-858-8598 

Hours: 9am-3pm PST

Address: 22521 Avenida Empresa, #106, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688


The Factory Rep in your area is your best point of contact